Thursday, April 26, 2012

John Elway over Peyton Manning?!

FoxSports has a ranking of the best players in NFL history at each draft spot in the first round of the draft (1-32).  For the first overall spot, they chose John Elway over Peyton Manning.  This is so absurd it makes one question their sanity or surmise that they simply hate 18 for some reason.

NFL MVPS:  Manning 4, Elway 1
!st team All-Pro:  Manning 5, Elway 0
Pro bowl selections:  Manning 11 of 13 seasons, Elway 9 of 16 seasons

If some idiot wants to try to argue that Super Bowl rings are an effective measure of a QB (try to argue that Tom Brady was a better QB at the beginning of his career than he has been in the last half), note that Manning has one ring and Elway had zero when he was Manning's age.

Statistically, Manning is so much better in every category that it would be beating a dead horse to list them all.  It is interesting to note a couple of stats that don't get a lot of attention -- sacks and fumbles.  Elway is among the worst ever in both categories.  Manning is the best.

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