Thursday, April 26, 2012

Which gospel was that?

A number of Georgetown professors and students are upset with Paul Ryan.  Apparently, Jesus teaches us to use the threat of violence to confiscate wealth from the unwilling, use the confiscated wealth to reward our friends and enhance our power, and provide free money to various groups of people.  We are to tell these people that they are entitled to all the freebies and risk fostering dependency, sloth and unproductive behavior.  All this we are to do in HIS name while, of course, scrupulously avoiding any mention of HIS name. 

I must confess that my record of Sunday School attendance wasn't always what it should have been.  I guess they must have covered this part of the gospel on one of those days I missed.  I remember the part about rendering unto Caesar, but not this teaching about confiscating wealth from the unwilling by using the government and the threat of violence in HIS name.  Could someone help me out with a cite to the relevant verse?

Update -- having reviewed some discussion of the letter written by some of Georgetown's faculty, I can only assume that they aren't as ignorant or as stupid as the letter might make them seem.  They are, however, thoroughly dishonest in their characterization of Rep. Ryan and his proposed legislation.  Defamation is never becoming and their libel of Ryan is particularly revealing of the shortcomings in their character and the weaknesses in their scholarship.

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