Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling like Cleveland State

Watching the news media reminds me of an old Tark the Shark quote -- "the NCAA is so mad at Kentucky, it will probably slap another two years' probation on Cleveland State."  Today, the more crimes, riot threats and terrorist acts we see from left-wing protesters like Occupy et al, the more the news media slanders the tea party.  After massive rallies all over the country involving millions of people over the last 3 years, the only threat posed by tea party folks has been to the litter on the ground before they got there.

The news media works so furiously to cover for their left-wing friends that they have to come up with bizarre phrases like "mostly peaceful" for Occupy protests.  Rapes, some assaults, some robberies and arson = "mostly peaceful".  If a Democrat lies about what some tea party protesters said to him = "racist and dangerous".

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