Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A cocoon liberal's lament

It isn't hard to see how hard Roger Berkowitz leans to the left by this piece or that he obviously lives in a liberal cocoon.  He recognizes that Obama is a failure.  But he can't help slandering Romney.  I'm sure it must make him feel better for the guilt he feels in having to come to grips with the blatantly obvious failure of his leader.

I'm sure he'd be shocked to learn that the entire nation does not share his feeling of total helplessness.  Or that the entire nation didn't join in him 2008 as he was swept up in a brain spasm that Obama represented hope.

There are myriad sources for this pessimism that one hears from seven-year-olds, college students, and adults. It is markedly different from the idealism that swept the country four years ago, personified in Barack Obama. More so than at any time I know of, there is a sense of total hopelessness—a feeling that neither party and no potential president can change our course for the better.
Gag me.

  The President offered hope. He embodied all of our dreams of a way forward, out of the excesses of the Bush era and towards a re-enlivening of basic American values of freedom and fairness. There was, in the President’s own words, a demand for a “new era of responsibility.”
What a crock.  BO got 52% of the vote.  Millions of people saw right through the hopey-changy BS and saw an incompetent jerk with an inflated ego who'd never done anything in his life.

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