Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Glenn Reynolds, OOPS make that Elizabeth Price Foley, nails it:
ELITE v. GRASSROOT REPUBLICANS:  Ross Douthat has an interesting column in the New York Times exploring how the alleged dichotomy between the “elite” (0ld school) and “grassroots” (Tea Party) Republicans is real and 180 degrees from their positions during primary season.  Now, it seems the old-line conservatives (elites) are criticizing Romney for various gaffes and a lackluster campaign, while the Tea Party types (grassroots) are lining up dutifully and pragmatically to defend the Republican nominee.  To me, this highlights that there is still an ongoing battle for the soul of the Republican party, with the Tea Party votaries providing the energy and optimism essential to victory.  Old school Republican elites are beginning to remind me of Eeyore.

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