Sunday, September 9, 2012

Martz on Manning

Mike Martz is one of the best offensive coordinators the NFL has ever seen.  He knows football. 
"There's no coach in the NFL who knows more offensive football than he does," Martz said.
Manning's current offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, agrees:

Science would be far more interesting to more students if the assigned project in lab class was to build the perfect quarterback.
Start with John Elway's arm. It'd be nice to have Michael Vick's legs and Joe Namath's release. Mix in a heavy dose of Joe Montana's poise under pressure. Might as well throw in Tom Brady's good looks because, you know, the perfect quarterback figures to be on his share of magazine covers. There is enough accuracy in the arms of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Warner to fill an army of perfect quarterbacks.
Manning's mind would be the no-brainer to the perfect-quarterback project.
"I would say so," said Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. "He's pretty special."

"His attention to detail is out of this world," McCoy said. "But he's an out of the box thinker too. The other day he gave a five-minute dissertation to the other three quarterbacks about what he thinks about each of these six or seven concepts."

Just watching ESPN's pregame show.  Tom Jackson made an interesting observation.  He said he went out to Denver for five days.  He said that all the players on the Broncos have adopted Manning's amazing work ethic.  Jackson sees that alone as being a reason to expect Denver to be much better.

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