Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where are the adults?

3 months ago I speculated that BO looked to be the type of person likely to meltdown if the heat was turned up.  His actions this summer point the same way.  And since then, we've learned a great deal more which makes me think it even more likely.  Jodi Kantor's piece today shows him to be even more vain, thin-skinned, and immature than we knew.  He brags like a small boy.

But interestingly, we are already seeing signs of such a meltdown from his cheerleaders in the news media. While he looks like he is edging closer to the edge, they have already lost it.

Years from now when historians review the news media's descent into rabid left-wing activist cheerleading, the most interesting question will be -- where were the adults?  No matter how committed a lefty an editor or publisher may be, at some point even a moderately intelligent, marginally wise adult understands that the business will be more successful if it is perceived to have some balance.  A bit of wisdom dictates the need to bring in a conservative or two to provide cautionary advice when the enterprise is veering left off the cliff.  Alas, no such adults are presently in evidence.

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