Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Global Warming's unfounded tipping point theory

There are number of good explanations of this point available around the web.  Warren Meyer at Climate-skeptic.com has several good efforts (just look to past favorites on the right margin of his blog).  But Greenie Watch has a short sweet summary:

The earth appears to have been warming very slowly for the last 150 years. The temperature rise over that period (less than one degree Celsius) is so slight, however, that projecting it forward for another 100 years gives no cause for alarm

So what is an alarmist going to do in that case? They predict a DEPARTURE from the existing trend due to a "tipping point". But what could cause a "tip"? Their theory is that clouds warm the earth and that an accumulation of clouds as warming proceeds on its gentle way will eventually start a positive feedback cycle, where warming causes more warming.

Now isn't that a simple explanation of Warmism? All the blather boils down to that one paragraph above. But you can see the crucial point: Do clouds really warm the earth? Amazingly enough, Warmists just assume it. They have no proof of the most critical point in their theory. And what evidence on the matter that is available so far suggests the opposite: Clouds COOL the earth. And more evidence has just become available -- and it appears in a very prestigious peer-reviewed journal:
(emphasis added)

Regardless of how many scientists you stack end to end to opine about their assumptions, without evidence there is no science.

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