Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The stupidest man alive

David Karoly may be the stupidest man alive.  He's a scientist (allegedly) and he has written a book review of Michael Mann's latest fevered rants.  The whole review is a testament to the man's remarkable ignorance.  But the key graph is a doozy:
Unfortunately, the frightening aspects of this story are the details of the Climate Wars, of the repeated attacks on Mann’s research by climate change confusionists. Commentators with no scientific expertise, ranging from politicians such as Republican congressman Joe Barton from Texas, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, or Republican Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma, to blog writers Stephen McIntyre and Marc Morano, have repeatedly promulgated misinformation and sought to launch formal investigations into Mann’s research, claiming professional misconduct or worse, even though it had been peer reviewed and confirmed by other scientists. They found a group of media reporters and commentators ready to repeat these claims without question and to amplify them. The blogosphere and some media outlets can be very effective echo chambers for communicating misinformation.
(my emphasis).

In the last month, McIntyre and his friends have demonstrated that Karoly's latest supposed study is a badly flawed mess.  As a result, Karoly withdrew his study until he and his friends can figure out some way to salvage something from it.

McIntyre has been published in academic journals several times.  His analyses have consistently demonstrated that the climate scientists who call themselves the hockey team are statistical butchers.  Statisticians have upheld his work and confirmed that the hockey team has been wrong.

Having read work by both Karoly and McIntyre, I have no doubt that Steve Mc is substantially more intelligent and has a far better grasp on the both the science and the stats.  By calling out McIntyre, I suspect that Karoly will find his work dissected and exposed to the entire world.  Bad move.  Really, really bad move.  He just tugged on the wrong cape.  When the cutting is complete, all that is likely to be left that isn't bloody will be the soles of his feet.

Edit -- I just read through the review again.  If it is possible, David Karoly may even be a bigger liar than Michael Mann.  Stupid, ignorant and dishonest is no way to go through life.

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