Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Govt-Climate Complex

Eisenhower warned us about the potential problems of the military-industrial complex.  Government-funded science has brought us a Government-Cimate complex.

Since climate is intrinsically important, this situation reflects deeply on the present practice of science generally, and on its interaction with government policy agendas in many other areas. Grant money flows to consensus research in a closed loop system, as Dr. Paltridge pointed out in his article “Science held hostage in climate debate” recently posted on Climate Etc. The scarier the finding, the more money flows. That incentive reinforces the closed loop. There becomes less to gain, and more to lose, by scientifically challenging the consensus even though portions of it are not backed by replicated observations.
This is deeply concerning. It is an alternative form of what President Eisenhower warned about in his last speech before leaving office. Instead of a military-industrial complex, we have a UN sponsored, agenda rich government-climate research complex seeking to reorder the world.
(emphasis added).

The examples in climate science are endless.  The author points to a quote from one global warming activist that the issue isn't really about the environment, but rather using the supposed crisis to accomplish other political and social goals.  There are numerous such quotes out there (see e.g. former US Senator Tim Wirth's, or UN founder of the IPCC Maurice Strong and others here)

He finishes:

 True climate science has been ‘taken hostage’ by the government-research complex for political and personal agendas. We need to take it back.

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