Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This has been a test of the emergency brain lock system

Remember when the news came out that Bill Clinton had been having his sexual needs serviced by a young intern in the Oval Office?  Hillary Clinton responded by going on network television for an interview and said that the news stories about the old horn dog getting some on the side were false.  She told the nation that the stories were lies invented by a "vast right-wing conspiracy" for the purpose of bringing down their presidency.  Everyone with enough brains to fill a thimble laughed at the ridiculous effort to deceive the public.  Just one more example of the standard play from the first page of the liberal playbook -- Deny and Defame. (Note -- it's often not sufficient merely to deny the story.  The addition of a defamation of the opponent to deflect attention is customary.)

But an amazing thing happened.  Liberals all over the country, as if on cue, said they believed Hillary and began discussing how awful it was that this vast right-wing conspiracy was trying to damage the nation.  What we witnessed then was a test -- a test of the emergency brain-lock system.

That system has been getting a serious workout lately.  We've seen a number of such tests this year.  Loyal Democrats, working furiously to bale water as the S.S. Obama takes on more and more self-inflicted hits at the water line, have found themselves asked to swallow bigger and bigger whoppers.  The whoppers are so big that they can only be swallowed by those who have voluntarily suspended the use of any and all reasoning faculties.  The most recent, the explanation that Obama didn't really say "you didn't build that", follows just weeks after the effort to magically explain away "the private sector is fine".

The brain-lock required to spout "out of context" as an explanation is beyond the red line and far into the region considered unsafe for most users.  There is a serious risk that users employing this degree of lock down may never be able to regain full use of normal brain function.  I must confess that I am beginning to feel sorry for the people who have found themselves the victims of the emergency system.  Their pathetic bleats of loyalty to The One have to be leaving a bad taste in their mouths.  No one should have to stoop so low.

Yesterday, Obama doubled-down on the use of the system.  Not only is he saying that he didn't say what he said, but he is impugning Romey's sanity for discussing it.

[T]he president slammed his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, accusing him of “knowingly twisting my words around to suggest that I don’t value small business.”
 “When folks just like, omit entire sentences of what you said, they start kind of slicing and dicing… he may have gone a little over the edge there,”

Yes, folks -- this is another test of the emergency brain-lock system.  Users will be asked to tune into their local chapter of the Party for further instructions.

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