Saturday, July 14, 2012

Teachers Unions -- the Ultimate Political Machine

Teachers unions are the most power special interest group in America.  Walter Russell Mead explains:
At first glance, today’s Wall Street Journal piece on teachers donating vast sums of money to outside political groups hardly comes as a surprise. Unions in both the public and private sectors are well known for organizing and donating money to favored candidates and political groups.
Yet some of these donations appear to go beyond what would be expected from a union’s lobbying arm. In addition to the expected donations to Democratic politicians and labor groups in which the unions have a clear interest, union money is also going to groups with more of a social agenda, including gay rights activists and other civil-rights organizations:

It's all about pushing a left-wing agenda.  Even when the money seems very far removed from the concerns of teachers.

 the role of the public sector unions in political donations is key to understanding the functioning of the modern American Left. The deep pockets of teachers unions and other public sector unions provide the financial infrastructure that keeps the Left in business. It’s the ultimate political machine.

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