Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Day, Another Democrat lies -- Wyden

Ron Wyden is getting lots of crap from his fellow travellers.  So he's trying to air brush history.
Since Ryan was named as the Veep pick, Democrats have been furiously denying history on the Ryan-Wyden Plan.  Think Progress searches for a big distinction between the Ryan-Wyden Plan and proposed legislation, but admits that there is a “striking resemblance”:
The plan Sen. Wyden co-authored with Ryan does bear a striking resemblance to the proposed Medicare changes in Ryan’s latest budget for the House GOP. Both keep traditional Medicare as a kind of public option, in an exchange where it would compete with private plans offering insurance to seniors. The government would give seniors support for purchasing these plans, and that support would be benchmarked to the cost of the second-least expensive plan. The plans would also be prohibited from discriminating based on pre-existing conditions.
The fact is that Ron Wyden built a plan with Paul Ryan to save Medicare while introducing a private marketplace for insurance for those who choose that option.
The Ryan-Wyden plan will resemble very closely the type of steps which will eventually have to be taken.
But, as Wyden predicted in the introduction to the plan, “the partisan attacks [will] begin to escalate and the 2012 election ads [will] start to air.”  And now Wyden is running for cover under air assault from Democrats once again.

Yep.  Wyden sure knew his fellow Democrats.

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