Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top Quality Academic Research

Jo Nova is on the case.   An academic purports to show that climate skeptics are nutters by asking alarmists about them in an online survey.  It must be true cause it's peer reviewed and and published and everything.

Update -- Warren Meyer:
the Lewandowsky study ostensibly linking climate skeptics to moon-landing-deniers is perhaps the worst study I have seen in a really long time.   This is another sign of postmodernism run wild in the sciences, with having the “right” answer being more important than actually being able to prove it.
The whole story is simply delicious, given the atrocious methodology paired is paired with a self-important mission by the authors of supposedly defending science against its detractors.  I can’t do the whole mess justice without just repeating her whole post, so go visit the article.

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