Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are Romney and Ryan inside BO's OODA loop?

It would not surprise me if Romney has some familiarity with the work of Col. Boyd on the OODA loop in combat tactics.  The campaign lately has had the feel of one where Obama continues to be a day late and dollar short.  And issues that BO thought would be advantages (e.g. Ryan and medicare) are being turned into serious liabilities for him.

Earlier this summer I speculated on the possibility that Obama might melt down if the pressure became great enough.  We are certainly seeing more and more flubs and miscalculations.  It appears that Obama realizes that he has lost the initiative.  Even a sympathetic press pulling hard for him hasn't enabled him to gain control of the narrative.

I expect that Romney fully intends to score some unexpected points during the RNC.  It will be interesting to see if BO oversteps in an effort to strike back when he gets his turn at the DNC.

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