Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mess that is California

California is in a hole but can’t seem to stop its compulsive digging. Schools, universities, prisons, pensions, cities and towns: the state has lost the ability to manage even the most basic elements of communal living. But foie gras is now illegal there, grandiose plans for white elephant fast trains built with borrowed money waft through the air, and the state continues to boost the self esteem of affluent and cause-oriented gentry liberals by scattering scarce resources to the four winds, hunting unicorns when the cupboard is bare.
Someday, perhaps, California will be governed by people who care about governing: that is to say, educating the kids, balancing the books, enforcing the law. Until then, it offers the rest of us a spectacle and a warning. It is some spectacle and some warning. California remains awesome, even in decline.

Blue state liberals are just being blue state liberals and they're doing to California what lefty liberals always do.  See e.g. New York, Chicago, Illinois, Rhode Island, Boston, et al.  Or Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain ......

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