Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hopeless Corruption of a News Media obsessed with High School

John Nolte reflects on lessons learned from the misery of having to hundreds of news media types on twitter and watching MSNBC and CNN.  I feel his pain.

Just like high school, there's a pecking order in the media -- a cool kids' table, and the requisite desire to be liked, need to be included, and a somewhat nauseating set of rules to it all. Glib, detached irony is a calling card as is an obsession with the fun and games of politics -- because that's all any of this is to them. It's as though taking the future of your country seriously immediately relegates you to the nerd table.
To be fair, though, some things they do take seriously. The RIGHT things, the politically correct things: same-sex marriage, the Congressional Black Caucus -- that kind of stuff. I'm not trying to throw a newsflash your way that the media is leftist, you already knew that, but what's fascinating to watch is the CONFORMITY.
Bottom line: Everything a vast majority of the media does is meant to impress their own. It has nothing to do with getting to the truth or informing the public. They're writing, reporting, and tweeting only to satisfy and aggrandize The Collective -- to continually prove they belong or to improve their standing.
Like I said, it's like high school, and wanting to be part of the cool kids' clique requires conformity – and this conformity isn't exclusive to only left-wing journalists. Media-approved conservatives like Joe Scarborough, David Frum, Peggy Noonan, and the like are just as bad; maybe worse because they should know better.
These unwritten rules and the Borg-like collective conformity that manages the media does, I think, explain at least part of the day-to-day corruption we face. The Narrative is everything -- it's the daily homecoming game where you better show up, look a certain way, speak a certain way, and not spoil the fun. And by "fun" I of course mean the thrashing of conservatives and conservative ideas.

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