Sunday, November 25, 2012

Davidson -- Gonzaga

Cats are big underdogs in the championship of the Old Spice Classic.  Coach Greenberg says that the Zags are the best team on the West Coast and will play for the national championship.  On paper, this doesn't look good.  But they don't play 'em on paper.  Let's see what we can do.

Up 4-2 early. Can't make cheap fouls. Gotta get better on the defensive glass. 8-2.  1st media TO Cats 13-4.  Doing a good job of taking it to the rack.  Zags have had some looks, but haven't made many.

2d media TO -- didn't press the advantage.  Cz with a silly charge.  Tyler has to be smarter. Can't drive into the middle of the pack.  We have some serious size problems down low defensively.  We can't foul every time they get it in there or we'll foul all our bigs out.  At some point, just gotta make some shots. Up 15-14.  Zags really making us work hard.

Well, Mark Few figured out that we can't handle a full court press.  Uh,oh.  We desperately need a guard with some quicks handling the ball.  Cz can't shoot that 3 falling away and to the side.  certainly not before he's got a rhythm. Got to be smarter.  Jake with 2 fouls already and nothing to show.  Nike throws the ball to Coach Few on the bench and we're at the 3d media TO. Cats 18-15.  Start now with a little zone.  Nik, gotta move your feet. Don't reach.  Great drive and dish by Tom.  DeMon has to make that.

JP just can't keep jumping in the air, hanging on way, way, way, way too long and then straining just to graze the front of the rim.  Horrible form.  Horrible result.  Fundamentals and physics -- they matter.  Down 21-18.  Now 25-18, after DeMon's foul gives them 2 throws and the ball.  That's 10 straight for the  other guys. 

Our bigs just aren't strong enough.  We can't compete inside because we're too small, too weak.  Down 12.  Nice take to the rack by Barham. And good defense by him.  Silly foul by Brooks.  Then he charges to get his 3d foul.  Crap. Down 11.  Zone again. Jordan shows some hops going for that rebound.  And a nice jumper by him at the end of the half.  Down 33-24.

2 nice buckets.  Nik with another good drive, bad shot.  gotta use the glass.  Good job Jake. Within 3. Timeout by Few.  Like the fight in our guys early in this half.  Zone looks better. Clint from 3! down only 2.  How many of those little 3 footers can we miss?!  Grrrr.  Media TO sees us down 39-34.

 Nice move and dunk Clint.  Another point blank miss by JP.  42-36. 3s by Nik and Cz. and another by Cz.  within 2.  49-47.  Worked a little 1-3-1 during this stretch.  media TO.  Cmon Cats.  keep it going.

Maybe we can learn to hit those baseline shots from them. They keep making, we keep missing those little shorties from the side. Good inbounds.bucket by Nik. TIED up after fast break hoop by DeMon.  Started by a smart steal by Mann. 51-51.  TO by Few.

Ouch. Brooks gets 4th. Nik with 2 straight turnovers.  Back to 2-3 zone, but they heat up from 3. 58-53 at the after 8 min media TO.  let's finish strong now.

Cz puts up the worst airball ever.  61-55,  Cohen hits 4 throws. Down 5,  Jake gets two quick fouls.  Mann fouls and all 3 of our bigs have 4 fouls now.  Make that Cz now with 4, Mann with 3.

5 min to go and we are down 7. Another freakin 3 by them.  -9. Now 7.  They just assault DeMon to rip away the ball.  Tenn football Vols don't even tackle that aggressively.  Cohen gets slammed to the fall.  We are getting assaulted now.  Don't have the strength or size to fight back.  Trailing by 11.

2:39 down 9. Now 11.  Jake gets pushed out on board, fouls in response.  He's gone. Brooks gets his 5th.

This is over.  Let it go guys.  Don't make the margin worse.  81-67.

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