Thursday, November 15, 2012

SNL skit re: Obama press conf

If SNL wasn't a bunch of wimps, they'd have a skit with the prez saying --

 "Let me be perfectly clear.  I will not rest and will leave no stone unturned until I discover the truth about what the hell I have been doing about Libya for the last few months.  What did I do?  What orders did I give?  What did I know?  And when did I know it?  Rest assured, when I learn those answers I will immediately inform the American people.  I know that they are as anxious to find out as I am."

Obama's claiming to be utterly incompetent as a president. 
Dude, those people work for you. They prep daily briefs for you. If you went to the intelligence briefings, you could meet them. You say jump, they jump. You ask a question, they drop everything else they are doing and get you the answer. Like yesterday. What the hell is all this BS about you conducting an investigation to find out what you know?

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