Friday, November 23, 2012

Davidson/WVa live blog

1st TO -- Cochran continues to make silly turnovers.  Jake fouled because he didn't move his feet.  Fundamentals.  Brooks gets blocked because he didn't go up strong and dunk.  A recurring bugaboo for the Cats. TK with two big threes and Nik had a nice left-handed take to the rack.  Tyler really feeling it.  I like all the switching on defense.

2d TO  -- We are going to get 5 sec count calls if people don't move to help out the dribble.  Jake blows another layup.  Dude you are 6-11 and one foot from the hole.  Dunk the damn ball.  This weak scared BS ain't gonna work.  And now you have 2 fouls.  GRRRRR.  Brooks misses again from close.  And picks up a silly foul. Elmore doesn't understand that Bob loves to push tempo.  This fast tempo is fine provided we have the depth.  With JP out, we will need to go deeper on the bench.

3d TO -- Cats come out in zone. Mann shooting much better this year. Jordy makes HS turnover. Droney moves feet well, but WVa still too quick.  Whole team needs to make this a priority in the offseason.. Gotta make the FTs, DeMon.  Clint!

Concern right now isn't tempo up and down as much as the intensity of every possession.  WVa is making us work really, really hard just to run our offense.  We aren't shaking anyone free and having to rely on one on one moves isn't a recipe for us to succeed on offense.  21-16 bad guys.

4th TO --  Brooks sneaks a steal and 2.  And a post up. 21-20.  Mann is playing strong.  And gets a cheapie, silly foul.  But the previous mins were solid for him, other than a turnover. Cz nice pass to Brooks. 2 FTs. down 2.  Back to man defense. May be getting a little quick on the 3 trigger now. Uh oh, Brooks is limping. down 26-22 with 4:43 left.

DeMon trying to shake it off. But he's not right.  Barham in for him. Mann isn't backing down on defense.  Cz turnover.  Dammit Nik -- pocket picked.  Can't happen gotta get strong, play strong with the ball. Mann has to foul on the breakaway.  Uh oh, we got foul trouble with 2 bigs and the other is hobbling.  Now is when we really, really wish that Bob had focused on bulking up Ali Mackay so he could give us some mins.  Could we end up trying to play 5 guards in the 2d half?

Down 6 with 3:44 left. Gotta get it under  control here.  Barham out of control turns it over with a charge.  Big off board for Cz. Poor miss on FT. Big foul on their big guy.  We keep scrapping on the def boards. Cz is good at that.  Nice look by Nik on assist to Cz.  Cats within 3 and Huggy needs a TO.

Cz with a good def board.  And a 3! Tied with a min left.  Cz offensive foul. crap.  Good defense on that last possession.  32-30 at the half.  We are playing much better than yesterday.  If we can get Jake to show up and Brooks can get taped up to play, we have a solid chance.

Brooks is playing.  Jake shows up for 4 quick pts.  3 on 13.  Grr. Jake gets 3d.  Nik another dumb turnover out of control.  Mann for 3! Who is that Mann?

39-32 Cats. 17 mins. Gotta be smarter about the fouls DeMon. Oh Clint for two.  WVa spreads and isolates on Nik.  Easy layup for them.

OK Cats. 1st media timeout 2d half.  Up 7.  Nik gets beat to the hole and fouls on the shot.  I sense a theme building here. Getting physical. TK slapped. Turns it over  Every time WVa doesn't isolate and go one on one is good for us. Brooks hits two throws and sits. up 8.  Barham stays aggressive to the hole and gets to the line. Gotta fix his stroke.  Misses.  Then Cz with violation.  Grrrrrrrr.  Barham gets beat on drive.  Nik tries a tough runner and misses like yesterday.

2d media TO -- 11:50 up 43-37.  Cz for 3! up 9.  Clint gets two fouls in 1 second. He has four. Damn, damn, damn, damn. TK gets it swiped. damn. Cz gets a dumb offensive foul. damn. Cz gets a great off board, gets fouled and comes up with a limp. Shoots it too flat again and misses. damn. makes 2d now up 10. Cz hurting. Jake in. Nice ball movement and Jake 2.  TO Huggy.

7:59 left Dav up 51-40.  Note -- Cz would be an 85% FT shooter is he started his FT stroke with the ball at his waist or went straight up with it off a dribble.  Bad shot Cz/  Turnover Jake -- never a very good passer.  Brooks gets his 4th foul. 6:43 to go up 8. TK has missed 6 straight but thinks he's hot because he hit his first 2.  TO Bob.

We got up 11 and got stupid on offense the last 2 mins.   We aren't talented enough to win with stupid. Up 5 with only 5.45.  Jake with a hook. WVa knocks us over to get a bucket no call.  Jake scores.  then gets a dumb fourth foul on defense.  Grrrrrrrrrrr. 4.10 to go up 6. Cz not even close jacking a 3.  They score.  Cz for 2.  3 mins to go.

Up 57-51 with 2:40. Our ball after timeout. We're on the edge of our seats and nervous/excited level keeps elevating.  Let's get a good possession here guys.  Execute.  Strong and confident. Work for a great shot.  I'm pacing now.  We suck vs. the press.  Can't even get it inbounds. Up 4.  Under 2 mins.  Jake draws a 5th on one of their bigs.  Cmon Jake.  Damn.  Jake misses second win.  Gets ball then gives it to them and they score.  Crap.  They press and Nik tries a dumb behind the back dribble,  loses the ball.  Gotta get a clue guys.  We run it down and call time.

Up 3 with 1:34.  We've only scored 7 pts in the last 7 mins.  Way to dribble into a double team Nik.  Crap.  We use up another timeout.  1.20 Brooks misses an easy layup because he doesn't use the glass.  Backboard damnit.  And Jake fouls out.  They miss the first throw. Again.   The Nik gets it stolen from behind.  gotta be strong.  I know he got smacked. Only up 1.  Cz hits the 3!

Huggins timeout. 61-57 with :46 sec.  Their ball.  Hearts stopped here. Jump ball. They get it. 29.2 secs left.   They miss, they rebound, hit 3.  crap.  TO

OK.  Our ball 13.6 secs, up by 1 pt. Take care of the ball.  Get the foul.  Hit the throws.  cmon guys.  Play smart.  Got the ball to Nik.  Foul.  Cmon Nik, do your thing.Makes one.  Smooth. Up 2 with 11 secs.  Make.  Up 3. They rattle the 3 attempt and CATS WIN. CATS WIN! CATS WIN!



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