Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday DC Hoops Thoughts

-- A W.  Not pretty.  An opponent with serious problems.  But a BCS win over a program that had beaten us the last two years.  Thank you sir, may I have another?

-- Whoa. I had layup nightmares last night.  I think Vandy just drove right by a Wildcat defender to score another easy layup.  And did Davidson just miss another layup?

-- Jordan Barham had a huge impact on the game. How is he not playing 25+ minutes? Barham and Brooks (and Mann) are the only players Davidson has who will take the ball to the hole without being totally intimidated.  I hope that Jordan (the 6-4 freshman) will show Jake (6-11 senior) what it takes to be strong around the basket.  Jake put up some really weak stuff yesterday.

-- What's up with the turnovers?  Vandy didn't force any.  The Cats made some really, really dumb ones.  Nik, DeMon -- c'mon guys.

-- I haven't checked the replay yet, but initial reports are that Bob McKillop was NOT back in the locker room when Davidson employed this new-fangled zone defense thingy.  If true, this may be evidence that Bob has been kidnapped and replaced by an imposter.  Or maybe he had a high fever.  Or maybe, just maybe, watching his defense allow guards to penetrate at will for the last 3 years and seeing that this season looks to be just as bad or worse caused him to decide to do something about it.  Long-time Wildcat fans are still trying to come to grips with what they saw.

-- Vandy fans at Vandymania are depressed.  They have good reason.  The Dores are bad.

-- Davidson got a win.  Badly needed.  We'll take it and gladly.  But we'd better be a whole lot better today against West Virginia.

-- Last time we played WVa, we won in Madison Square Garden in a strange game.  We gave up a world record 293 offensive rebounds, but the Mountaineers shot a negative percentage from the free throw line to allow us to hang around.  Steph Curry missed a ton of shots, but came up with a steal and two huge 3s from downtown in the final moments to lead the Cats.

EDIT -- oops.  The last time we played Huggins was in PR and a loss two seasons ago.  The MSG win was four years ago.

-- Davidson and West Virginia at 12:30 today on ESPN2.  Go Cats!

Oops again. game is on ESPN.

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