Sunday, November 11, 2012

LT's Peyton story

On NFL Network this morning, LaDanian Tomlinson told an interesting story about Peyton Manning.  He said that several years ago both of them were in Los Angeles filming commercials.  They were staying in the same hotel.  After a day of film work, LT was back at the hotel when he got a call from 18 -- would he like to go throw the ball?  This morning, LT said he was thinking "sure! Who wouldn't want to go throw with Peyton Manning?"  They drove to a nearby community college field where Peyton meticulously worked on his craft explaining precisely how he wanted LT to run the routes.  Of course, they drew a crowd.

Imagine how cool that would be -- go to the track to jog and find that two NFL stars, certain hall of famers (who play for different teams) are practicing on the field.  The greatest quarterback ever and one of the greatest running backs.  Just hanging out where you jog.

LT's point in telling it was to show how hard 18 works and how focused he is on doing everything properly to the smallest detail, even just throwing the ball in the offseason with a RB for another team.

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