Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cashill calls out Maraniss

Jack Cashill has been pointing out the inadequacies of David Maraniss' writing about Barack Obama.  It would appear Maraniss has yet to learn the lessons of the Army of Davids:
When David Weigel of Slate posed my suspicion to Maraniss, he responded with the contempt he has lately been showering on us "strange armies of ideological pseudo-historians [that] roam the biographical fields in search of stray information."  Wrote Maraniss, "It is preposterous on its face, utterly made of whole cloth."

I suspect that Maraniss will regret those words.

Cashill now points out that it appears that Maraniss has edited one of Obama's early pathetic pieces of writing in an effort to make the president's prose appear a bit better.  Fraud?

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