Friday, June 15, 2012

Through the looking glass and Inside the liberal cocoon

Jay Cost discusses the myth of GOP intransigence.  He documents how Obama made no effort to reach out to Congressional Republicans and refused to make any compromises.  He simply jammed through all his disastrous legislation on purely partisan, straight party votes.  Now he wants to blame the GOP because they won't agree to more of his madness. The news media naturally loves to point the finger at the GOP and call them irresponsible and extreme. 

My comment -- The utter ridiculousness of the Democratic talking points of extremism or intransigence can be seen by their reaction to the debate over raising the debt limit. The GOP made a simple request for basic responsibility -- before we increase the credit limit on the credit card let's have a conversation about how we intend to pay off some of this debt. The liberals howled that this was extreme and irresponsible.

That's where how bizarre it is inside the liberal cocoon -- a plan to pay off debt is irresponsible. 'Responsible' means running up the credit card without a plan to pay it off.  Curiouser and curiouser.

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