Monday, June 18, 2012

The Peter Principle President

Fred Barnes, in a blurb on Hugh Hewitt's new book, The Brief Against Obama, describes BO as the Peter Principle President.  I'm not sure that I agree.  The concept behind the Peter Principle is that people get promoted because they are competent at their old jobs and only languish without promotion when they reach a position for which they are incompetent.  I don't see any evidence that Obama has ever been competent at anything he's ever done.

I agree with Hewitt:

that Obama's has been a disastrous presidency, a fiasco in fact, and reveals the president to be a wholly unprepared and incapable-of-learning ideologue whose nearly every move has been wrong, and whose almost every decision has been ill-conceived and poorly executed. But for the SEALs' dispatch of bin Laden and the military's removal of al-Awalki and other terrorists---whom the president still seeks to remove from Gitmo to domestic courts in the United States---Obama would be wholly without anything to claim as an achievement of his time in the Oval Office.

In addition to the monumental failures of Obamacare, the soaring unemployment rate, the 2009 "stimulus" and the massive debt, Hugh Hewitt examines the scores and scores of broken promises and fraudulent forecasts, dozens of dodges and hundreds of disastrous innovations that President Obama has inflicted on America. It has been a reign of incompetency not before seen in the country---ever. According to Hewitt, President Obama is not just a failed president, but the most spectacularly failed president of modern times

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