Thursday, June 21, 2012

Death Panels

Thank goodness, the USA could never have something like death panels.

That’s what we’ve been assured would never exist if government is in charge of your health care and paying all costs.
That, of course, in the face of a promise to lower health care costs as well as the fact that the vast majority of health care spending takes place at the end of life.  Forget those conflicting points, death panels will never happen because, well because the left says so. 
Incentive?  Well that’s sort of a foreign word to the left so forgive them if they don’t understand that those two dueling points above provide incentive to end lives whether or not they’re willing to call it the result of death panels or not.
The example?
Well the good old British NHS of course
Shocking news from England today has top NHS officials indicating doctors acting in the UK government-run health program annually kill as many as 130,000 patients prematurely because of overcrowding at hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes.
In fact they even have a name for doing that – the Liverpool Care Pathway.
Sounds so … benign.
Of course.

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