Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiger Woods -- missing the C and L

I know Tiger Woods is always under a tremendous amount of scrutiny and he is struggling to come to grips with his golf game and his personal past.  But sometimes, he seems to make great effort to show a lack of class.  This past Friday, after the 2d round of the US Open, Tiger was tied for the lead and many observers thought he was likely to get his first major since "the troubles".  During his press conference after his round, a reporter asked him for his thoughts on the young high school student, Beau Hossler age 17, and the fact that he had been leading the Open for a short time late in his round.

This question is the easiest softball imaginable.  Tiger simply says something nice, something complimentary about a youngster and he makes everybody look good and everybody feel good.  Something as simple as "Yeah, how about that?!  I'm sure it was exciting for Beau.  I haven't seen him, but he must be a heckuva golfer.  I'm sure he's thrilled to have made the cut and to still be in contention."

Instead, Tiger dismisses the feat, remarks that there are a lot of holes left in the tournament, and talks about himself and his record as a young amateur.  No class.  We all know he's self-centered (I'm sure he sees it as 'focused'), but this was a really silly fumble.  Say something nice about someone else.  Even if you don't mean it.  How hard can it be?

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