Thursday, June 14, 2012

FDR couldn’t make it in today’s Democratic Party!

Heh.  Glenn

It would be reductive and predictable for me to point out that all three of these Obama-era problems have a single cause: public employee unions, which helped delay the stimulus, which protect non-essential jobs along with essential jobs, and which negotiate unsustainable layoff-inducing benefits packages (because it’s easier to win a union leadership election if you increase the benefits of 90% of your members while laying off 10% than if you lower the benefits of 100% of your workers by 10%–and piss them all off).
So I won’t do that. …
I also won’t point out that FDR didn’t have to deal with public employee unions. And when his WPA faced a strike by traditional unions, he broke it.
FDR couldn’t make it in today’s Democratic Party.

I know I just reproduced his entire post.  I just like it that much.  And I don't think he minds.

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