Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Cashill on Maraniss

Cashill notes that the truth about Obama is more carefully hidden than revealed by Maraniss.

Maraniss is less an historian than a predictably liberal Beltway journalist, one whose own ideology consistently subverts the truth.  The distortions are many and significant.  In his account of each phase of Obama's early life -- Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago -- Maraniss repeatedly conceals the evidence of Obama's socialist roots to make him appear more of a centrist than he actually was or is.
There are more ways to tell a lie than tell the truth.

 For those interested in "history," I would recommend Robert Caro's recently released fourth volume in his biography of LBJ.  For those wanting to be reassured that, regardless of the evidence, the young Obama was just another dope-smoking, basketball-playing, all-American pragmatist like you and I, then Maraniss is your guy.

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