Friday, October 26, 2012

Boston Globe ouchie

Howie Carr  leaves a mark or two on the Boston Globe:

Here’s how old I am. I can remember when the Globe was a newspaper, not a pathetic rag and errand boy for the Democrat Party.
The bow-tied bumkissers have suffered through a lot of lows during the past few years — the plagiarizing and fabricating columnists; the porno picture they claimed was U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women; the sob story about a cop killer who couldn’t get a good job; the Vietnam veteran junkie killer who’d never been to Vietnam; identifying the wrong killers of the Dartmouth professors; the phony poll that had Scott Brown losing by 15 points; the Whitey-kept-the-drugs-out-of-Southie meme, etc.
And he keeps putting the hurt on.  Good read.

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