Saturday, October 13, 2012

Charlotte Observer preview

Observer preview has some good quotes:
McKillop is guarding against overconfidence as the Wildcats prepare for a season in which they’ll be the Southern Conference’s marked team.
“Practice – and what it entails – can never become routine,” he said. “We understand the monotony of routing is as challenging an emotional experience the preparation for an actual game.”
“… To think that the Wildcats need to have that one star player would be to discount everything Bob McKillop has built has built. Instead of the one-hit wonder team – a team with one star that everyone revolves around – he has built a contender with a true team mentality.
“This Davidson team entering this season might be better than that (Stephen) Curry-led squad that made a deep run into the (2008) NCAA tournament … ” – SB Nation’s Benjamin Miraski.

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