Saturday, October 13, 2012

CBS Sports on Davidson -- Cinderella

Can DC be Cinderella in March?

Normally, it's tough so see Cinderella from so far away.
But it's already clear. Davidson has a real chance at winning one or two games come next year's NCAA tournament. The Wildcats made it to last year's Dance, their first appearance since 2008. And now it's looking like this team could have its best assembly ever. Yes, that's even including the Stephen Curry years. Bob McKillop's team is loaded and brings back its two best players in Jake Cohen and De'Mon Brooks, a frontcourt one-two punch that's unlike anything this league has seen in years.

D eMon Brooks, Davidson. ... this guy. I love Brooks' game. He's such a stud junior wing with ability to score and rebound and play without fear. The thinking here is the man listed below and Brooks will be so good, they'll cancel each other other out for POY.
Jake Cohen, Davidson. Cohen's game is even more versatile than Brooks'. He can pass, catch, shoot the 3 and finish inside. And he's almost 7 feet tall.

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