Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Law of Unintended Consequences

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the media's desperate attempt to keep a lid on the Benghazi scandal is that the media may accomplish the opposite of their intent.  That can be no doubt that the MSM is trying to protect Obama and help him win the election.  They've forfeited all credibility and have become an embarrassment to sluts and whores.  The failure to cover the story, however, may well end up hurting the president even more than would have been the case had it been covered competently and honestly. 

Election day will be almost two months after 9/11/12.  Had the story been covered properly, Obama might have had a chance to deal with it, take his lumps and move on.  Instead, the anger and outrage that permeates through the nation is peaking in the week before the election (a time when a lot of people are voting in early voting periods).

In the era of talk radio and the internet, the old, establishment news outlets no longer have a monopoly on news.  They can't keep the lid on stories they don't like; certainly not really important ones.  And the Benghazi attack and Obama's failure to respond, or rather his active interference with our military's efforts to respond, is a huge story.

The effort to bottle up the story has only delayed its transmission to the public.  It has leaked out slowly and with devastating effect.  As facts come out day after day, a few at a time, the anger builds and builds.  The story has lasted for weeks now.  And the regard that independents have for Obama continues to collapse.  The MSM refusal to cover the story has only resulted in it becoming an election issue at the worst possible time for the president.  And with even greater impact.

One note -- ultimately, this is the president's responsibility.  He chose the coverup option.  The MSM has only been following his lead and playing the hand as he has directed.  It is his own petard upon which he finds himself.

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