Monday, October 22, 2012

Time for an adult

America elected BO because he was supposed to be one of the cool kids who sat at the best table in the lunchroom.  While we've since learned that BO ain't nearly as cool as we were led to believe, it really doesn't matter.  We aren't picking a student council president.  America and the world don't have the luxury of a principal and teachers to keep the kids from driving their kiddie car out into the busy street.  Reality has intruded. Crisis looms.  Time to get serious.  Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid -- that joke has gotten old and stale.  It's time for leadership.  Real leadership.  Serious leadership.

It's time for an adult.  A proven leader, a man of accomplishment, a person of demonstrated integrity, Romney is the adult in the race.  We can't afford four more years of disaster accompanied by excuses, lies, and the slandering of others.

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