Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama -- red diaper baby

I don't know why this is just now coming on Paul Kengor's radar screen.  I thought it was obvious given his parents, Davis, his marxist activities in college, and his mentors -- Ayers and Dohrn.
the question of Obama's red diapers was just posed to me. I discussed it with Ron Radosh, a fellow historian of the Cold War and communism. Radosh himself, in his youth, was a communist. He wrote a terrific memoir called Commies. Radosh knew Red Diaper Babies by the nursery-load, and he understands the phenomenon not only personally but historically and as a scholar.
"I and everyone else who uses the term 'Red Diaper Baby,'" says Radosh, defining his terms, "do so to define anyone whose parents were either CPUSA members or fellow-travelers, and who therefore grew up in the milieu of the Party and its front groups." Radosh, a professor emeritus of history at the City University of New York, adds: "Obama fits that definition."
I wouldn't worry about trying to carefully distinguish that the children of communists can be red diaper babies without being communists themselves.  A college professor who was an active marxist revolutionary as a student at Occidental when Obama was there has said that he met Obama then and BO was clearly a marxist at the time.

He's also mentioned that most people who break with the red movement have wrenching personal stories.  He wondered why we've never heard anything about BO's break with the movement.

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