Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ESPN's Chris Carter

Chris Carter is good.  Really good.  I will confess that I was never a big fan of him as a player.  I don't care for the Big Ten, particularly Ohio St and Michigan (going back to the big 2, little 8 days).  So I wasn't a fan from his Oh St days.  And as a NY Giant fan, I never cared for him as an Eagle.

By the end of his career, no one could deny that he had been an outstanding player with a penchant for making the tough catch especially in the red zone.  The guy was clutch.  But I don't remember thinking he was a particularly bright or articulate interview.

He just finished up his weekly gig with Mike and Mike on ESPN2 and he's just so damn solid.  And I realize that I've been thinking that for a while.  He's insightful.  You don't get standard jock cliches from him.  He's so much better than Tom Jackson that it's scary.  I like Tom Jackson as a person, but he just doesn't bring the same A+ game as an analyst that Chris Carter is bringing.  He's better than Keyshawn Johnson, too.

I can't remember hearing Carter do a game, but I think he'd be good doing color commentary.  He's certainly better than most of the ex-jocks doing pre-game and post-game analysis.

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