Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Solid Debate Analysis

Baseball Crank, has some solid analysis of the second presidential debate.  Read it all.  Each candidate met some of his goals, but missed as well.

His last point bears repeating:
Romney's strongest moments were two. One, he just buried Obama in response to an African-American man who declared himself a disheartened Obama '08 voter; Romney responded with a blistering indictment of Obama's economic record. And two, he offered a great answer on American competitiveness. He also came away with a good answer on immigration, albeit one that won't please many of his own primary supporters.
One more point: I think Romney did a much better job of remembering, as the debate wore on, that an audience of Long Islanders was not the real audience. Obama's attack on the NRA in particular is unlikely to play well in key swing states.

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