Thursday, October 18, 2012

The melting continues as Obama panics

I first wrote back in early June of the possibility that Obama would meltdown and that the most likely impetus would be in a debate with Romney.  Jen Rubin at the Wash Post writes that panic is causing Obama to act irrationally in claiming that he labeled the Benghazi attack as terrorism the day after:
Like individuals, when things go very wrong very fast, presidential campaigns can act irrationally, doing things that are counterproductive. In the frenzy to do something, decisions are rushed and cooler heads are ignored..... Now it’s happening to “no drama Obama” and his Chicago and White House staffers.
Why in the world would the Obama team insist on this narrative? It is worse for the president.
If Obama figured out in a day that this was a planned terrorist attack, why was Jay Carney sent out on Sept. 14 to insist it was all about an anti-Muslim video? Why didn’t someone tell U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice before she went on five Sunday talk shows tying the murder of four Americans to a protest growing out of a video? Why did the president repeat this in his Sept. 20 Univision appearance and then dwell on the anti-Muslim videoat the United Nations? Declaring that the president knew full well on Sept. 12 that he was dealing with terrorism makes him and many in his administration liars.
So why push this story line? Well, the president made a big deal of it in the debate. Maybe his ego got the best of him and he couldn’t allow himself to be taken for a fool for not seeing the terror connection on 9/11 . Whatever the reason, both the White House and the campaign are now insisting on an unhelpful timeline, which in turn will require more quibbling, trimming and prevaricating.
This isn’t the only instance of a panic attack descending on Chicago (and the Oval Office). The Obama administration and its pundit spinners are running with the notion that Mitt Romney defamed all womanhood at the debate by talk about “binders full of women [job candidates].”
He's melting.  The heat of the debates is getting to him.

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